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How’s creat topic ? thanks all


will there be any bounty for non-developers again?


very nice project. it will be remarkable in 2019


toi muon vao du an cua ban thi co phai dau tu khong


cam on ban nhieu minh se co gang xem xet da


All nice guys, but…

i want to bounty hunt and get the word out about you…but the platform is not helping me, not intuative…i dont wanna learn new things, give me the buttons to press for spreading the word!


It’s awesome being here, I and my team will carry out massive twitter publicity for this project.


great and awesome project


The fact that they are creating a structured way in which to incentivize and compensate all contributors, from developers to influencers, makes me believe this project is going to be highly successful. It’s all about the community, and clearly they are taking the community-building component very seriously. Very good to see!


Definitely the community will drive the project.


it is good to be here


I always follow anh invest to your project


Great project I started investing in kucoin


Great project I started investing in binance


AirDrop 3 come soon ?


Thank You Admin Very Nice Projects


great profect. i like it


very good job i am working ,online marketing


I really love to participate actively here, but i am yet to get every clear
can some one help?


I am a new member here and nice to see a lot of Fellows are already involved with this awesome project. Hope that it will be a Joyous Journey together​:ok_hand::+1: