Account is Inactive



When I am going to access my account in the constellation this the following message appears: “This account is inactive Please contact us for any futher questions”.

I would like you to solve this problem. The image is attached.


Where do you see this?


This happens when I access the site, after entering the login and the password always appears this information: “This account is inactive - Please contact us for any futher questions”


You’re talking about With another account than thiago?
Have you checked your mailbox for any confirmation mails?


This, I’m talking about this account itself, every time I access it gives this problem, I already looked at the email, I just want you to fix it. My user is [redacted]. Do you have a solution?


I’m not an admin, sorry.
Just wondering how you can write here while your account is inactive :thinking:


Interesting, I had not thought of that. The amazing thing is that in the forum I can access, but the login and the password when I enter the site goes wrong.


Hi @thiago, I’ll get this checked with the team. Meanwhile, I’ve redacted your email address since this is public :slight_smile:


@thiago We’ve fixed this.


Thanks, but they fixed one thing and there was another problem, I had another 800 points and several referrals, when I logged in now, my points and the referrals were ZERO.

Wow, that makes me sad, I fought to win those points and suddenly it’s all zero, I’d like you to do it too.


I have been offline for a while now. i might be affected with such situation.