Airdrop misunderstanding?


I’ve received your email and registered my account here at the Orion portal. During the registration, you’ve asked me to send the 1000 DAG so it could be staked. I sent the specified amount, received a confirmation email and confirmed the transaction as I am an investor & already have some DAG. (BTW: I did not receive a final confirmation, only an email that my approval transaction has been processed.).

Unfortunately, you didn’t communicate in your medium article that one would have to wait for the airdrop to commence until one could stake the airdropped amount in your Orion portal. I’ve pieced it now together that I did things in the wrong order.

Does that now mean that in the worst case, I’ve sent you my DAG without being selected for the airdrop? Or that I have sent you 1000 DAG without knowing whether or not I will be classified as a developer? That’s quite sad for me… I was pretty excited about exploring your code and getting my hands on it or experimenting with microservices and ACI’s

I’ve had a look at your contract and I’m not the only one who has already sent the staking amount so others have also made the same mistake.

I hope you can help to clarify this so that others do not get discouraged.


@shreyas are you able to help @stefan53?


Thanks for pointing this out, @stefan53. You’re right, we’ll improve the messaging to clarify this.

We’re really happy that you decided to jump right into the code.

What you can do right now is downgrade then re-stake if selected for the airdrop.


Thanks a lot for the response, Brion. It’s very appreciated.


My pleasure @stefan53. Our support team is looking into this. :slightly_smiling_face:


Again, thanks a lot for your effort!