AirDrop Update For July


Dear Constellation Community,

Prior to our 1st AirDrop we wanted to clarify some recurring questions from the community.

Please be aware – A number of AirDrop scams and fake google doc forms have also been circulating. Report any unofficial/scam DAG AirDrops in our telegram channel.

When does the AirDrop Start?

Successful registrants for the first AirDrop will receive an email invite to start the KYC process on July 7th. The first round is limited to the first 2000 people who complete KYC. If successful, you will receive confirmation prior to tokens being distributed on July 24th.

More more below for details…


Good i wish best for you


This is cool, doing airdrop by batch. Atleast we will don’t have to be afraid of price drop and with eth congested network…people don’t have to wait that long.


@bitwitch08 Apart from batches, airdrop tokens are also locked for a period of 6 months.


Is there still a huge backlog for the airdrop rounds? Thanks in advance!