Constellation: Can blockchains ever move beyond economic models?


Ryle weighs in on Australia’s premier crypto and financial outlet. Read more:


Thanks for posting. The article gives good info and I think it will not be trivial to put that point in the whitepaper in a way that people accidentally scoop over.

Some points I’d like to zoom in on

  • The columnist writes “On Constellation, someone who wants low latency for their dapp might get the network resources from someone with a proven reputation for low latency, or someone who wants real-world cachet might look for a suitable provider.”
    So this would be a personal relation/deal between the dApp owner and the node hoster with high reputation, right?
  • For this point one must really come from the perspective of the middle third of the article: I like the emphasis there on rewards not being enhanced by reputation or stake (as in proof of stake) and I buy the talk about reputation itself being a good reward in itself. If you’re a pop starlet then influence you have is worth money anyway and I think you don’t need to get payed on every platform you’re vocally. This is in line with people making use of their reputation e.g. by working together with dApp projects that can make use of bonding with them. Again, one must read the article to get my point here: A small obstacle I see in that narrative though is that if you have high reputation and your face is public, then on Orion you’ll leverage this reputation and get “Points” and trade this for DAG after all! That is, the point being made about money not being coupled with reputation breaks with the reward system when Points are collected by votes of “pedestrians” and fanboys on Orion. So there’s reputation (as hardcoded in the running constellation ledger) and there’s DAG as value that ought to not scale with reputation. And the Orion points are called “Points” right now. So it seems to me that to get everything streamlined with that narrative, when you design the Orion platform, and when you conceptualize the “Points” from a design perspective, then (as they can be translated to DAG), it seems like you’d want to emphasise that they are a form of “non-liquid DAG” that are not just obtained by user upvotes, and are not a reputation (as on Reddit or StackExchange). Because, again, if “Points” there were to be viewed as reputation on the Orion platform, then them being tradable for DAG is contrary to the decoupling Ryle advocates for in the article.