Constellation Nodes Gossiping


Quick look at Nodes Gossiping. More progress and updates soon.

Technology Update: We Have Nodes

We’re setting up basic testing and infrastructure for the project with a MVP that we can rapidly iterate on. The below video demonstrates our unit tests for the required operations. We have UDP peer to peer operations tested, a variety of signing / transaction data tests, and a full end-to-end test where we spin up 3 fake nodes and have them start a blockchain from scratch, issue transactions, gossip to each other in a peer-to-peer fashion, and create blocks.

The test is using code that doesn’t include any previous cryptographic dependencies (apart from generic encryption libraries) — in other words this implements the most basic of blockchains from scratch and demonstrates the core functionality with no copy/paste solutions from another coin.

More sneak peeks to come as we lead up to the developer portal and testnet.

Launch and operate an inaugural Constellation testnet node