Constellation's COO Ben wrote about how Blockchain can help you


In the blog post, Ben makes some interesting points about the ecosystem. He addresses several challenges such as

  • Technology
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Legal
  • Regulation
  • Security

Read the full blog-post here and do let us know what you think:


@bjjorgensen really brought up some great abstracts regarding the space. A few elements below from his post. Its worth the read…

  • Technology: How do we encourage engineers to build new platforms leveraging blockchain and adopt different infrastructure governance?
  • Cost Benefit Analysis: What are the costs and benefits associated with using the technology (blockchain in particular)?
  • Legal: How do we overcome a myriad of legal structures to create seamless transactions and communications?
  • Regulation: Every government is attempting to understand the implications of crypto currency – how do we embrace regulation as it is being defined and how do we navigate governments that are malleable to these crypto companies?
  • Security: Blockchain technologies bring unprecedented security to technology through decentralized governance – how and will we truly embraces trustless technology for mainstream entities and the consumer/retail trust?