Constellations V1 code base is live!


Dive into Github now:


Great! Thanks for sharing! :raised_hands:

I’m not a Scala hacker, but I’ll try and build what I can on the weekend. In that case, there might be stumbling blocks and I’ll try to push them to the sparse readme. I see a silent edit on the github Wiki page, is there a plan of using this or the page on this site?
When I try to understand the red line of the code logic, one may try to fill in the function descriptions and so on. So do you follow any particular commenting standard? I suppose right now there’s more commented out code lines with // or /**/ or what’s convenient, and some print statements and such.

On the prettification side, one may pin repositories and add a header emoji, like with Lisk. And the capital letter W of the whitepaper repo itches me too - I’d literally reupload that one. Sorry for commenting on those less relevant things, I promise I only do it once :sweat_smile:

Also looking forward for the process of design, rationale for choosing leveldb etc.

Keep it up.


Hi guys, congratulations! :beers:

I just started the node locally and am now trying to access the web interface. However, I just get a WSOD with the following console output:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <           ui-opt.js:1
Uncaught ReferenceError: org is not defined          (index):1
    at (index):1

Or is there any other way to interact with the network right now?


Username @haggis on discord was saying

run ./

should be

run ./scripts/

Not sure if he’s here already or what his handle is. But with that he also got his

[info] Running org.constellation.ConstellationNode

in no time. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


yes, that’s me :rofl:
Already made a mini PR as you suggested:


@team Was there a point in time during the last month where the whole thing compiled to some minimal version of what it’s now? What I want to ask is if, to understand the code base, it makes sense to look at the code through time. I had actually seen @buckysballs repo from last year with the agents. Can the repo be said to fall into a few pieces that can be viewed in isolation?


Took me some digging to find that one out myself too. :slight_smile:

Got the Node running, was neat.


in github, i think the testnet code dont show any meaningful things, does the github have realse all your code and evnt dont know show the tps or some other meaningful data ?


The information you’re looking for is most likely in the Whitepaper.


There’s hints of e.g. the /dashboard-server repo which is private as of yet. In any case, data like the tps is more a network property when it’s up, rather than inherent to the code base.