Constructive criticism


Here is my vision.

Sorry, or I just do not understand! Or the future will speak for me, and I will be right!
The idea is to bring value through the Orion platform. This is great.
But there is not enough mono-language. Or at least the forethought of its use.
Scoring for activity is a good step for platform liquidity. Allows you to share items and earn point rewards.

This allows you to use the platform not only for native speakers of English.
But, the scoring works poorly. Why in the profile to link their social profiles. If the accrual of points does not work. In particular, I do not see points accruing.

Also I dare say. That not one of the ordinary users in the community will ever get access to deploy their node (mainnet - as a node operator for Constellation Labs).
Here I will not write about it. (I don’t want to do FUD).

It is my guess. Based on an analysis of the ambassadors program and on the analysis of the direction in which the project is going.

Your position has limitations! Explain to me what is the interest of an ordinary person, Who wants to carry the word about the project!?

No communication between team members and community members.
In particular, you absolutely ignore the Russian community.
So today most of the people in social channels are not showing interest. Everything ends with a speculative interest. (IMHO The community is a generator of ideas and feedback.)

P.S.: It sincerely upsets.


Addition! You be able to consider a new category of supporters of the project. For pioneers!?*. 99.9% Candidatura Ambassador is not reachable.
Assign Volunteers! – These people will be the link. Between the team of the project, ambassadors, and community members (people).


Hi @CousteauCryptoPop, firstly, thanks for taking the time to write this detailed post. We appreciate that. Let me address some of these.

If I understand this right, do you mean multiple languages apart from English? We’d definitely love to see that and are 100% supportive of that. I think localization of the web is extremely important as it gives us to ability to reach more people and get them involved with the project. That said, I also realize that this isn’t easy. Which is also why Google Translate isn’t the most perfect thing on the web to translate. There are various factors including culture, context and references when it comes to localization. But this has to start somewhere, so we’ve started with localizing our WPs into different languages. As you might’ve noticed, we have a couple of languages for the Telegram community. These were individuals who reached out to us saying that they’re interested in starting a community for people who speak their language. This was also done only after we saw a significant interest in that specific community. So if people would like to take the initiative, and there is a significant number of people, we’re happy to crate a section on Orion for the same. This is defnitely in the pipeline, but it doesn’t really make sense to start out with 100 language sections on Orion if people aren’t participating. It just makes Orion tougher to nagivate. The idea with the framework on Orion is that we start with the bare minium and scale as we see the need. Of course, the community keeps evolving and so will Orion.

We currently have GitHub, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Medium linking options. Again, this isn’t mandatory, and as mentioned in the description, is used mostly for bounties related to that. For example, someone writing a blog post about Constellation on Medium could be rewarded automatically once we review that. We’re still getting bounty ideas together and working on these, which is why you haven’t seen the roll out yet. But yes, that’s the intention behind linking social accounts(voluntarily).

I’m curious why you think so.

We’d love to hear more about this. @benjamin42, our VP of Business Development is leading the ambassador program, and is definitely open to feedback and ideas on how you think we can improve.

We’re working on a bunch of bounty ideas that will get the wider community to talk about the project. If you have some ideas, we’d love for you to post them here: Post your Bounty Ideas here!

I’m sorry you feel that way because we’ve honestly not ignored any of our Russian community members on purpose. We have our main Telegram community and the community run Russian Telegram group. Of course, when it’s community run, we can’t really enforce that the admins keep posting messages or replies to every single message, but we definitely are open to supporting them if they have any questions or comments. As the community evolves, we’ll also work on engaging with them as much as possible. If you feel that we’ve ignored some question from the Russian community members, please feel free to highlight it and we’ll get to it.

Completely agree. In fact, some of the things that we’re doing right now like weekly updates on Reddit, newsletters, AMAs etc have come up as a result of ideating with the community.

I’m not sure I follow.


Hello, @CousteauCryptoPop - I wanted to jump in here to help answer your questions around the Ambassador program and anything else in general. I’m with @shreyas when he said “I’m not sure I follow” with regards to your “99.9% Candidatura Ambassador is not reachable.”

I can state that we aren’t making it a point to ignore the Russian community. We aren’t ignoring any communities. It more about managing expectations and keeping up with these expectations as we grow. Your feedback is very very helpful for us to better serve you and others. So please keep it coming and let us know how we can improve.

With regards to the Ambassador program - It’s early. We are working on our official certification roll out which will be available before end of year. So for now we are simply taking inbound interest to prepare. I agree that there are limitations to our approach but that also is by design. It is crucial that we don’t overpromise and underdeliver on anything. Please let me know what specifics I can answer to help with clarity.

Once again, thanks for being active and pressing back. We are a focused group and this only helps us get better.




Hello everyone! Hello @benjamin42 @shreyas Thanks for attention! Hope to clarify (addition). Read below, please. …


a lot of text. will have to wait_emphasized text_


thoughts, ideas and assumptions

Dear, Constellation. Ask yourself a question: “How many active members of the Orion Community Portal do you know?” What is your answer?.. I understand that this is only the beginning of the journey. But your statement:
“Upcoming releases of Orion will include developer documentation, bounties and an app market.”

You need to entice your user! How to do it?

Any system (platform, portal) starts with loyal users (content consumers).
All successful companies, such as Facebook, Instagram, and others started this way. It all started with the chronological tapes and the content by the users themselves for other users - without relying on monetization, but for social reasons. Today it doesn’t work.
Next-generation platforms (Steemit, Golos etc.) are built on a system of rewarding users with internal tokens. Users publish their stories and comments and receive rewards!

Any ecosystem always consists of three groups of interested users.

Readers — those who come to the system to read entertainment, educational, professional, political and other thematic content.
Authors — those who generate content in the ecosystem based on its monetization.
Advertisers — this group wants to gain access to the audience and advertise their product or service… They are the ones who fill the system with money and give the authors the opportunity to earn on their content…
In our case, the third group is application developers on the blockchain constellation… "Orion is an incentivized community portal where users can develop distributed applications"

Today, Orion has formed monetization options. Binding a platform member to social profiles allows you to participate in marketing-related rewards, that is, to earn points. Community members earn rewards by contributing to support, marketing and documentation.

But there are no conditions for attracting traffic, that is, new users.
A huge minus, severely limiting opportunities for further growth of the platform!

There is no activity on Orion, except for articles by administrators and dubbing Constellation news… Today authors don’t need it if there is no audience there. It turns out a dead end. This is a problem faced by a “clean” system.

Only one English language is not enough. Or, at the very least, provide for future separate forum threads for other languages. This allows you to use the platform not only for native speakers of English. Activity rating is a good step for platform liquidity. Although monetization has problems. I dare to note that monetization doesn’t work at the proper level (I personally checked that the scoring does not work).


You need to popularize the platform. Conduct explanatory work for potential users from among the subscribers (followers).
Today, Constellation ignores its followers. There is no communication between team members and community members… Telegram is just one big wall of noise, or vice versa silence. So today, most people in social channels do not show interest… It all ends with speculative interest. Compare the number of all subscribers of social sites (twitter/telegram subscribers) with the number of Orion users. And you will understand what I am trying to convey!

Your position has strong restrictions!

In particular, you absolutely ignore the Russian-speaking community. Explain to me what constitutes the foundation for people who have a desire to carry the word about the project and Build a local community? You do not motivate your loyal companions. In particular, about myself and my friends. I am admin in Telegram channel Constellation_Russian. Team members and representatives of Constellation Labs didn’t respond to any request for cooperation. The channel lives only for social reasons.


Help to establish a connection between interested pioneers (local community administrators) between community members and the Constellation team.
Can you consider a new category of project supporters?! Assign volunteers! These people will be the link. Between the project team, ambassadors and community members, and potential participants in the Constellation ecosystem.

I don’t want to do FUD. What I mean?

My offers. Orion Community Portal is quite likely a pilot project designed to help the parent company get attention (increase hype) and increase the liquidity of the $ DAG token. Due to exclusively internal resources - conditionally free audience and a small team of developers.

Opinion on the Ambassador Program.

“A global network of blockchain enthusiasts and industry experts focused on creating strong word of mouth networks for blockchain projects in alignment with Constellation’s vision.” The roles and duties of the ambassador are focused on the industry uses of the blockchain Constellation. Absolutely sure Ambassadors willn’t be the link between the team and the community.

I dare say. That none of the regular users in the community will ever get access to deploy their node (mainnet - as a node operator for Constellation Labs). I suppose there will soon be an announcement from the team containing an explanation that at an early stage access will be open only to “accredited persons”. They will be early miners / validators on the network.


My attempts to start building a relationship do not bring results! :frowning: