DAG Visualisations and Infographics?


I think an area a lot of people struggle with is reaching a level of understanding where they can explain the differences between various approaches projects are taking. Many of my community and friends in crypto ask about Constellation since I love a good shill, but trying to explain to them the difference between a blockchain vs a directed acyclic graph always seems to turn up a “so what does that mean to us?”. I think many have heard of other projects that have implemented DAG, I know I get a lot of “oh IOTA did that right?” but then you are getting deeper into the understanding of the topic to explain differences.

Does the team have anything consumable for the general man/woman to get their head around the model? I noticed there’s a few good websites showing live visualisations e.g. and

I’d love to be able to use some reference material to help explain the project to those who want to know more!

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Indeed, some digestible elaborations are what makes for good introductory material and are an example for something you could product bounty-worth content for.

It’s likely that projects such as IOTA went through that phase and you can find relevant material, which is abstract enough to apply for similar crypto projects.

On the completely abstract side, a DAG, or directed acyclic graph, is of course just a simple mathematical concept and the wikipedia link to the mathematical notion can’t hurt. Albeit it might be too technical and a priori lacks connection to the blockchain space.

A year ago I tried to motivate the proof-of-work consensus mechanism for blockchains in a hands down analogy video, and I may do the same for tangles. Any collaborators are welcome!