Developer Plan signup


Hi, I am trying to sign up to the developer plan. However, Metamask does not seem to confirm it (when trying to give the smart contract approval to spend the 1,000 DAG). Can I just send the 1,000 DAG direct to the address 0xa8258abc8f2811dd48eccd209db68f25e3e34667


Sorry, correction, should I just send it direct to 0xe3542a545a4ac889a4e80e86ff5518a535ffe4c9


Hi @mark91, are you getting any specific errors while trying to get it done through Metamask? If yes, can you post a screenshot of the same? Also, it would be helpful if you could share the browser and Metamask version you are on.


You should try the latest version of metamask with new interface.


There seems to be a bug where during the signup for a Developer plan, only the first account (index 0) is checked in Metamask for DAG, even though another account is selected in Metamask. I think the active account should be queried for DAG instead of hardcoding the check to account index 0.