Earn badges for points


I think a neat idea to promote activity on these forums might be to reward users with some points on the Orion Portal for badges they unlock on the forums. Any thoughts?


That’s an interesting idea. Although, I’d say that we’ll have to be a bit selective in terms of what badges we choose to have on the portal. Discourse surely has a lot of badges by default:
However, I’m not a fan of the ones that promote engagement by granting a badge for 10-50-100 posts or giving out 50 likes a day. They result in a lot of low-quality content. But I think it should be possible to work this out. @brion thoughts?


Agree on the ones that promote spamming. Definitely looking for high quality content here. I also saw that Discourse allows you to create custom badges. Maybe could give pts for some specific events. I can brainstorm some ideas and let you know :slight_smile:


New to all of this! Seemed like a really awesome project.


I agree with shreyas on the selectiveness. And besides, don’t you think that reception of points and earning Discourse badges is highly correlated? If you contribute for bounties, you’re most likely to go through the ins and outs of the forum as well.