Feedback question from the community


We did some user research. It was expressed we might be listing too many topics on the home page of the community section. Let us know your thoughts~ !


@brion It generally depends on how we play this forum as a Constellation outlet.
I generally support this custom environment as it would be bad to
a) not have a static Q&A resource at all and
b) create such a platform as an afterthought when open source work has already taken off

As I see it, one must be sure not to underestimate the network effect of other competing outlets that have this and that advantage or disadvantage. That is to say, in the specification on what kind of conversation should make its way to this forum, I think it would be a bad idea to use it for purposes that other platforms are suited better. Here my take:

  • Firstly, if you were to encourage low key casual developer conversation to take place here, you’d see people instead do this on Discord (as there it’s a more free flowing type-and-enter tool) and people can switch to personal messages in the tab. You’d get a battle that the community forum would eventually lose.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, you want to have certain software/developer issues as proper issues on the GitHub.
  • More in the middle, there are technical StackExchange channels where people set casual back-and-forths mostly aside (or do it in the low font size comments) and StackExchange works as a repository for “has been asked before”-type questions that one can link to.
  • On the most casual end, you have the Telegram channels where you’ll almost exclusively find enthusiast, the most of which are traders (or speculators). You have a constant stream of voices, so this captures some sentiment but there’s no lasting conversation. You have announcement and information distirbution to some extend.
  • Between Telegram and any topical common access forum, you have Reddit, which is where various quick questions are dumped and info is shared and reposted. Some cooking of opinion happens here to.

Discord (like Slack) and Reddit are multi-topical and have a huge user base in the crypto space. I have a huge that well maintained Discords fare better as far as community goes. Since you effectively don’t have to make an account there, it will imho outperform this forum on some kinds of conversation and one shouldn’t battle it. What I’m saying is just that one should be roughly going towards something more particular with the content creation here before you get a fractioned piece of cake.
Now, given the existence of this forum as I see it in it’s current state, I personally would recommend not even opening a StackExchange for Constellation. While you have the devs haivng a StackExchange account for sure and it’s a rather will designed platform for it’s purpose, I’ve seen that rolling out a StackExchange not only takes time but also struggles with traction for too long. I conclude that you’d want, for the dev part, the StackExchange kind of information and environment here. That is, a place were people ask questions and others (here and on outlets such as discord) link to. This means discouraging all to casual kind of responses that people (who seek technical answers) would have to browse through. It also means having at least a small fractional of technical sub-topics (as opposed to a big general where everything would end up being ask). As someone who does programming, I’d also like to have the layman questions about Constellation clearly separated from the dev resources. That would mean e.g. a seperation bar that makes it clear (as opposed to just all topics put up like post-its on the front page).
On the non-technical side, again, leave random talks to discord/slack/telegram. Here’s instead where market research (including conference discussions and whatnot) should be talked about in a civilized manner.
I’ve seen open source groups be unhappy about “simple” software issues being cried about in the github issue sections, so this must have a dedicated place. You can have a subpage here, for example. I’m talking e.g. about general wallet users here. In practice it can help if that’s a more free conversation such as on discord (where finial solutions are then “published” for potential others who have the same problems). But be aware that this is of course a proper job - you want, for those responded chatrooms, people to be there 24/7 responding to people. Right now I clearly still feel the time zones. On that note, lastly, I’d be happy about noticeable developer presence. Although of course, I understand that this is a kind of job in the proper sense that takes time.

Hope this makes for a good feedback input.

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