Forum interface needs an overhaul


I’m just a pleb user so I can only give some real “feely” feedback but I find the community forum a bit poor. List some reasons below-

  1. blinding white background and text. not sure if there is a night mode but it’s painful to stare at the screen when i’m on this page

  2. way too many different subforum categories. needs to be dropped down to something like

    • bty/bugs
      point is a lot of those topics can be combined into something a bit more manageable. this place has almost zero activity so seems pointless to spread out the small amount of exisiting information across so many subjects
  3. list of forums, not the block. maybe just my preference but a downward list of the topics ala more traditional forums is easier to process then having them in a descending block without any real order

  4. last part is activity. don’t like seeing questions for team that have been here for weeks without any replies. i guess yeah it’s a community thing and dag guys probably have better stuff to do but a lot of the information about dag can only be answered by a few people currently.


Hi @sandeep, thanks for the feedback.

I agree. Almost all the forums powered by Discourse have a white background out of the box. I suppose we could look into this, if not on priority. I think the idea was the reflect our color schemes of blue and white, but I could float this by the team.

I agree. We could merge a couple of sections from the existing list of categories. But I guess the initial rationale was to have things organized from the beginning.

I believe out of the box, Discourse provides 2 options-

  1. The one that we have, which is “Categories” blocks first, followed by the latest discussions.
  2. Latest discussions in the beginning, with the categories on the side, like on Discourse Meta.

We can perhaps try an A-B test on what works best for our community.

We’ve tried to follow up on every single question. The reason why some of these feel “unanswered” is because people post questions on multiple platforms including Telegram, Discord and direct messages to admins, as they get the answers ‘instantly’, as compared to a forum where they have to wait. While these might’ve been answered, unlike Zendesk or similar support ticketing platforms, Discourse doesn’t have tickets which are closed. But I guess we could work out a solution for this by following up and cross-posting the answers.