IDEAS for FREE- HYDROGEN Financial Technology powered by Blockchain



Hello Admin permission to post,

This is Kenneth at Hydrogen (Financial Technology based in New York). I hope your day is going as great as mine!

Basically were reaching out to companies that would love to integrate our awesome HydroBlockchain Products for free.

The Hydrogen team has built a couple APIs and set of protocols that are becoming increasingly popular- they are called Raindrop and Snowflake. Best yet, these APIs are all free to integrate and build on!

Raindrop is an authentication protocol, and an application built using it, called Hydro 2FA, is the most efficient solution on the market for authentication.

If you’re tech savvy, feel free to read over our Raindrop whitepaper: github(dot)com/hydrogen-dev/hydro-docs/tree/master/Raindrop

We also have a pretty simple video for you to check out that explains how it compares to GA/Authy: youtube(dot)com/watch?v=d88jbPdxI88

This is also a video compares to Email and Text: youtube(dot)com/watch?v=lhr_L9GKx0E

Snowflake is an Identity Protocol which focuses on Identification and Verification. Snowflake will basically help you create a huge space of files, which regards to saving Personal Information about a user. Snowflake helps you identified someone by checking out using HydroID.

Snowflake Whitepaper:

Thanks a lot!
Kenneth James Berey
Community Sales Representative
New York, NY
Telegram: @kenberey