Inconsistency between profile picture and nickname


Nickname and profile picture is different when I am on Home page and on Community Forum page.
Also When I am on Community Forum page my nickname is az1 instead of Az, I don’t know how that 1 appeared there.



Also I don’t understand why menus, after clicking on my profile picture, are different. I would like to access my messagess from Home page directly.


Hi, we are aware of the variation between the forum and the global navigation bar. This will be updated to be a consistent global bar. This will happen on the upcoming design updates.


how to change the nick?


Click on your username under the hamburger menu then go to preferences where you can edit your profile name.


This is mostly because I think the forums are made with Discourse which pulls your user icon from Gravatar if I’m not mistaken and the Home page looks to be homebrew or Constellation’s own portal. Would be nice to integrate Gravatar into the Orion Portal all around though.


That is correct. We will have a consistent global bar that will replace discourse native nav top bar on our V2 release. We are aware that this is a user experience issue and inconsistent. From a development perspective you probably understand that we must iterate on features. Expect more features and bounties on V2.