Is my node running?


Hi there,

I have set up and run a node on a Google cloud platform. How can I check my node is properly running ? Any RPC example or doc to check node status ? I also need a seed node to peer with. Thanks

{org.constellation.ConstellationNode$ main} - Main init 06:34:01.989 INFO Main {org.constellation.ConstellationNode$ $anonfun$main$1} - Config load 06:34:02.153 INFO KeyUtils {org.constellation.crypto.KeyUtils$ insertProvider} - Insert provider return 1 06:34:02.591 INFO Main {org.constellation.ConstellationNode$ $anonfun$main$1} - pre Key pair 06:34:02.592 INFO Main {org.constellation.ConstellationNode$ $anonfun$main$1} - post key pair 06:34:02.706 INFO ConstellationNode_-1016106738 {org.constellation.ConstellationNode <init>} - Node init with API 9000 peerPort: 9001 06:34:03.295 INFO ConstellationNode_-1016106738 {org.constellation.ConstellationNode <init>} - API Binding


+1. Would love to get a seed node IP for the testnet.


Unfortunately, today there is no answer to this question! (
Perhaps this will help you:

The team states that they are preparing instructions on how to start the node.
But they do not understand the essence of the question:

How to see the correctness of the work of node!?

+1 “I have set up and run a node on a Google cloud platform. How can I check my node is properly running?”


Looking forward to setup a testnode as well. Having a docker image would be great


Hi, All!
You may find answers to the discord – on the channel #node-operator
Answers and work of one person inspires** @Nikolaj-K thnx


Thank you.

I agree the form does not work too, I experienced the same issue.

Any admin here ?


Hi, All :octopus:

  1. How do we know if the node is successfully up or not? How can we test?
    Your node’s ip should show up in the peers list on the testnet dashboard
    Also you should see other peers on your node’s dashboard, at http://yourexternalip:9000

  2. When will we join the public testnet?
    Can you explain in more detail?

  3. Should we use the 1.0.1 build as per your email?

  4. What minimum storage requirements should we start out with, 200gb on GCP is $$$. Can we start with 50gb and increase from there?
    Yes, that should be fine. I probably wouldn’t go smaller than that

  5. Should we expect our node to appear on the publicly available online visualiser tool?
    Technically yes, but it’s undergoing some maintenance so you may not at the moment.

  6. Why is the google form not working (is that why you’re asking for email addresses)
    Its working now here. If not let me know by responding to this email.

  7. Is there any documentation available for monitoring nodes?
    Not yet, no. this is definitely on our radar.

  8. I see the reference.conf file, but the github mentions some command line options for configuration, are those available as well?
    There are minimal command line options right now – but this is a high priority item for us and they will be available soon.


go to the discord. Today it is the only place where there are answers.!