Is this a fork of Byteball?



Seems to have much in common with Byteball. Is this a fork or re-write of Byteball? If yes, in what way is it to be an improvement?


Hi Luc, this isn’t a fork or a re-write of Byteball. We’re writing Constellation from the scratch. However, Constellation is also a DAG, like Byteball. We have the first version of comparison post done by Spec Rationality here:
There’s also:

If you’re interested in a deep dive, you should definitely read our WP too:


OK thanks very much for the links and info. I had seen some of this and I guess because Byteball wasn’t in the compare table, it seemed like it might have been too similar.
Interesting project, with good marketing. Will definitely follow your progress. I’m always looking for on-chain scalable BFT solutions.