Job platforms & Constellation project exposue



This is a pointer in either direction, for developers building in the blockchain space as well as for the Constellation project if the seek more expertise and visibility.

At one point I signed up to the website, which is a job website that specializes in functional programming. They have a website over which I was pointed to one protocol project or another, and as seen below Cardano (ADA) is also hiring there.

I’m also close with a blockchain startup which creates a gig platform, That one isn’t live yet, but I have have been reaching out in those same spheres to find people for a constellation repo audit. It might well be that a tasked offered there can be combined with a Orion bounty as well.


Great ! Orion platform Good!


Example job very close to what constellation does: Backend Developer


Thanks, @Nikolaj-K! @Eng might be interested in taking a look at this.