Launch and operate an inaugural Constellation testnet node



Constellation is gearing up for our testnet launch in August, 2018. We are looking for the initial node operators who will be Constellation pioneers, hosting the first nodes on the network (in a testnet environment), providing valuable feedback, and earning $DAG tokens for doing so.

What we’re looking for:

Constellation is looking for the very first external node operators on the network. These node operators should be technical and have experience with software development or backend systems. They should also be geographically-diverse and passionate about the Constellation project.

During this initial phase, for this bounty, the first node operators will be hand-selected by the Constellation team*. They will be eligible to earn DAG tokens based on achieving certain milestones for node operation (more info below).

Skills you have:

Backend or frontend software development. Familiarity in interacting with APIs and JSON and the ability to spin up a Google Cloud Platform instance to host your node.

Things you’ll need:

  • A Google Cloud Platform (GCP) account (there is currently a $300 signup credit for new GCP accounts).
  • A Constellation Orion account on the Developer plan (you must have staked 1,000 DAG).
    • :no_entry: You will not be chosen if you are on the Free or Community tier. You will be required to maintain a Developer plan on Orion for the entire duration that you run a node. :no_entry:
    • $DAG tokens can currently be purchased from IDEX, KuCoin, Bilaxy, DDEX, and Hotbit.
  • A Discord account.

Technical details:

In regards to GCP, we do not expect testnet node hosting to be resource-intensive. Your node on the testnet will run in the background, automatically. You’ll be able to submit dummy transactions through the UI or an API request. Constellation will be running a plethora of test transactions through the network, continuously, to ensure volume and test the network.

What to expect:

  • If you’re chosen, you’ll be contacted by the Constellation team on next steps. Expected testnet launch is August, 2018.
  • Only one node can be hosted per operator during this testnet phase.
  • Expect to host your node, on a schedule, for at least a 3-month period.
  • If selected, you’ll be eligible to earn $DAG tokens after the 3-month period, based on milestones outlined below.
  • Expect to work with and provide feedback and suggestions, as needed, to the Constellation team over Discord.
  • We will be adding more node operators to this bounty as capacity allows, so go ahead and fill out the Google Form linked below!

Bounty milestones:

--- 25% of tokens for successfully spinning up an operating a node (3,750 $DAG)

— 75% of tokens for maintaining above 90% node availability / up-time for the 3-month duration (11,250 $DAG)


*If you are not selected for this initial testnet round, hang tight. We will be scaling this program out gradually and will soon be looking for many more node operators and developers.

**Bounty will be paid in full to participant, based on achieved milestones, after 3-months of node operation. This bounty will be paid in $DAG, not Orion points, directly to an ERC-20 wallet. All bounty milestone achievements are subject to verification by Constellation.

Re: Launch and operate an inaugural Constellation testnet node
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Very exciting. BTW some people have asking. How long do you anticipate it takes to setup a single node?
Thanks so much @ian !:sunglasses:


The practical code that needs to be run from the API should realistically take about 5 minutes and just a few lines of code. The total working time should be around 1 hour (including setup for GCP, environment, etc.)

We’ll release the API/SDK documentation and walkthrough publicly once this testing period is complete :+1:


Great stuff - having gone through the setup of the unit tests internally I can’t wait for the community to get their first nodes up and running!


Super excited and great way to engage with the community. Loving the constellation approach so far !


I just registered to run a node. Looking forward.


Thanks for registering @seb :+1: — we’ll be reviewing all of the applications over the coming days and, for this first round of testnet, will select 10 individuals to participate. As we progress to the next versions of testnet and towards mainnet, we’ll be opening this up to more and more node operators!


Just completed the application, looking forward to hearing back and seeing more docs about the project


Very Very Very Good nice


Hi, Do you have an approximate date of applications selection? Eager to try something with constellation :wink:


isso ai ta foda eu nao ganhei nada nem um dag


Hi @allan, please use English in the Orion portal :pray:


thank you so much . good job


Can you please let me know what is the minimum system requirement to run a node?


Its so good.thank u so much


Hi @phan85, we haven’t yet published the system requirements but hope to provide those details soon! The initial v1 testnet will be run on an instance in Google Cloud Platform and then we’ll expand more from there into AWS, local machines, etc.


Goood project for futur


How many people / nodes are going to be selected?


Good news! I will follow your team!


Hey @george56 , I’m quoting Ian’s answer for a previous question: