Launch and operate an inaugural Constellation testnet node



HI All, I can not understand anything, what should I do here? I invited a friend I did not give for this glasses, a very strange impression is formed


yes ! i agreeee :X very very nice project


Hi @maksym - I’m not sure what issue you’re facing. Have you applied to this bounty using the Google Form link above?


its very goood project :X


ready to rock! When the results will be anounced?


Thanks so much community


Looking forward to an awesome testnet. I’d really like to apply to host a node but my status of having a dev membership is still pending. Any way I can apply? I’ve sent my 1000 DAG and now just waiting for things to be sorted out. :confused:


Hi @astro, can you DM me a screenshot of the issue so we can help you troubleshoot?



@ian from my side: I only have ETH pennies on my Metamast address and going with under 50 in fees, it will show a progressing wheel (but not when you started the request or how long it’s been going).
I had it running over night to see if nevertheless the Ethereum transaction would go through eventually, but it didn’t. You have set up a “The approval transaction can take 2 to 30 minutes or more depending on the Ethereum Network.” line but it eventually cancels (you can’t cancel it from your own).
I’ll run it the third time now for some hours (clearly I’m not in a hurry). If it doesn’t work, I’ll buy some ETH and transfer it to try it with 50.


Hi @Nikolaj-K - can you also DM me a screenshot of the screen you’re stuck on so I can get this to my Product team to take a look at? Thanks.


@ian Assuming they were the ones coding it, they will know what it looks like. For completeness, here’s a screenshot:
Also, I don’t really view it as being stuck, as it might just be that the fees are too low and ETH has problems (that constellation tries to overcome :). I don’t know if @astro has the same issues despite having sent the recommended fee. If no and it’s no real issue, I’ll just do another money transfer between the 2 platforms that I have to do.
Edit: It might also be that the cancellation happens after a timeout of the second step. I’ve not seen it yet.


@Nikolaj-K, yes, please do let me know if the gas change works.


This sound similar to what I experienced. Low on ETH, second step timed out. Got a notice that Orion considers the transaction as canceled because ETH network should be faster than XX amount of time.

Next day, I put more ETH in my ERC20 wallet to try again. Strangely, right after the deposit hit my wallet, the transaction hit and cleared. So I’m in the situation where Orion says my transaction is cancelled, but Etherscan shows a successful transfer.


Spoke with one of our developers and the recommended gas price is 50 GWEI.


Good project .
I hope joined your project .
Good luck


@ian Any news about the results? Did you choose your 10 individuals?


@pawellipowczan we’re going to be looking at the short list this week and getting in touch with the initial operators to get started!


for the future… for us…


I have received notification for the code base being released and stacked 1,000 $DAG weeks ago.

As I did not received any further information I was wondering if you already had selected the first community members who will operate test nodes or not?

Looking forward.


No word yet believe they are reviewing candidates