Launch and operate an inaugural Constellation testnet node



Hi all! Correct, we are in the process of shortlisting the initial node operators. We need to be cognizant of the network capacity during testnet so will start with a small handful and start expanding from there. We’ll be getting in touch with the applicants by next week!


i hope so Constellation success, you have good DEV , good Platform!


Has bounty campaign been started? Can I join now?


@phan85 yes, please apply to the bounty by filling out the linked Google Form in the parent post above.


I just registered. Looking forward to receiving your approval soon. I have prepared a GCP account and slack account


I tried to following guide video to staking 1000 DAG but it seems I have did these steps before ( confirm ETH wallet address ), it does not look like staking guide. Please help me how to staking DAG, my MEW has 1000 DAG already.
Also I checked my plan account and it showing: “Your account current plan is linked to your Airdrop tokens. You will be able to change tiers and access your tokens after your lockup period ends on February 1, 2019.”


Project nice,Thanks so much


Hi @nguyen78, please check out this page and watch the two videos:


good ideal . i think this is good project


for the future for us…


good projec And the best perfomance


Any news about this bounty?


We’ve gotten in touch with the initial node operators for the first few waves. Everyone who applies will eventually be contacted but we’re starting small in order to small this smartly.


I just registered too. Looking forward to receiving your approval soon.


On the point of node operator, I’m curious about the future possibility for community involvement. I’m not sure if this is a shared point by the community or creators, but without an question I will never get an answer.

Are there ideas or plans how other people ‘without the full skill package’ can contribute (beside telegram, be active etc) to the product now or in the future?
Correct me if this not the correct place for this question.

To give my question more background. For few years now, I have been working in IT development and training myself for Backend software development. So I have basic idea to work with APIs and JSON, but no idea with Google Cloud Platform. The internet gives a lot off information, but I’m not eager to right jump in due the learn curve and limited free time. All this is not decreasing my drive to get involve and help.

I already found these topic Constellation Nodes Gossiping DAG Visualisations and Infographics?


GCP allows you to sign up for a free account give like $300 of credit. So you can have a play and learn about the platform.


It actually sounds like you got a lot of skills and experience already and I can’t quite imagine the things you mentioned being a real challenge. It’s not so clear from your post to me with what motivation you come to the project, but whatever it is, you will contribute by providing clear educational (and “clarificational”) content, for example. I’d argue that you even provide relevant input if you share your expectations or what you want and what’s needed from a decentralized platform.


Hey @stefan692, thanks for vocalizing your concerns. We absolutely have more plans for people with different skills to contribute to the project. We’ll release this shortly. We want to build an open and inclusive community and this surely means creating well defined contribution pathways. We’re currrently working on some ideas, but we’d love to hear what the community is interested in. You can add yours here: Post your Bounty Ideas here!


Very exciting! Keep up the good work! Great cheers!!


Great team and great idea