Meet us at Tech crunch Disrupt 2018


We’re sponsoring a panel and Workshop at tech Crunch Disrupt! On September 7th 2018, Constellation will host a panel aimed at demystifying recent developments in crypto fundraising and a workshop on how to run a node on Constellation. We’ll also be on the ground over the course of the three days meeting the community and interviewing some of Crypto’s leading figures.

Panel: Beyond the ICO: New approaches to fundraising and enterprise investment in blockchain.

Time: Friday September 7th, 1.30 -2.30

Moderator: TBA

Speakers: Ben Jorgensen (COO of Constellation), Jacob Mullins (Shasta Ventures), Erika Perez IBM Blockchain Strategy and Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, CMO, Mozilla

Constellation has been through an extraordinary period of fundraising and subsequent growth. Ben Jorgensen (COO) and team will share their experiences in this session exploring the complex and ever-changing fundraising models available, and what enterprise leaders look for in potential partners and projects.

Workshop: Running a Node on a Distributed Ledger: Live Demo

Time: Friday September 7th, 2.45 - 3.30

Speakers: Wyatt Meldman-Floch, Ryle Goehausen

Wyatt (CTO) and Ryle (VP of Engineering) will demystify the key components of distributed ledger technology, and provide a guide on how to set up a Constellation node. Participants will leave with the basic skills they need to contribute to an emerging 3rd-Gen protocol.