Migrating Devs to the Discord Server


Can we start encouraging DAG developers to join Constellation’s Discord? It (Discord) is a great outlet for quick, topic-specific back-and-forth discussion, Q&A, and support. When new developers come to investigate what DAG is, they should have readily available access to current DAG devs so they can really understand what DAG is, how it operates, and how they can contribute.


Whilst I see the intent I have to say I really don’t get along with Discord. I dont know why, maybe it reminds me too much of IRC and the Android client is really limited. Being able to reply/link to messages is painful! I’ve actually built a bot that relays messages between discord and telegram chats which brought the best of both. I know Discord has quite a following, especially for admin/good user management which Telegram most definitely does lack!

Unsure on the preference of others?


I’ve written down my perspective on the possibilities here: