Mobile Client Question


I have a question about the mobile client. For instance, I run the mobile client on my Android phone and minimize it, will it continue to run in the background and keep contributing to the network? I ask because I am trying to see how this could work with another app on the phone. Say I have a game app and I want to make a payment in that game app over the Constellation network. Would the game app be able to utilize the minimized Constellation app or would I be able to integrate the Constellation payment solution directly into that game?


Great question! The mobile app will continue to contribute to the network for as long as you allow it to (whether it’s running in the foreground or background is irrelevant). If you are playing a game, and that game is integrated with DAG then you’ll be able to pay with DAG, otherwise you’ll have to use traditional currency. This is why we are making Constellation super easy to integrate with so existing companies can change their backend with a few lines of code :slight_smile:


That’s amazing. When you think about it, there’s BILLIONs of cell phones that are available to become a node. If you expand beyond that, think of how many tablets and other IoT devices that sit at home also connected to the internet that could function as nodes. The possibilities are endless for what you can build.