Mobile Voting DApp

I have an idea for a voting DApp that I think could be really sweet. Say that a town of 10,000 people creates its own token for an election that year and distributes one token per person who is eligible to vote in the town. Part of the registration process for voting becomes to register your wallet address so that this information is on file with the town, or even better yet placed into a smart contract on the blockchain allowing only those specific wallet addresses to be able to transfer the token. Once election time rolls around, a citizen of the town is able to download a voting app to their phone in which they login using their wallet address and are given the candidate choices. The citizen would then be able to select their vote and send in their token to that specific smart contract, essentially registering their vote and burning that token so it cannot be used again.

On top of limiting the amount of tokens to the amount of registered voters, the votes would become stored immutably on the blockchain. The smart contract being locked down to only certain wallet addresses would guarantee that the correct people were actually casting their votes. Also, things like being sick, not being able to get out of work, being overseas serving in the military, or other logistical/health related issues for not voting would also be solved since you could vote from anywhere.

Let me know what you think about this idea. I know some projects are already out there attempting this, but with Constellation being so mobile friendly, I think it could be a superior candidate as the blockchain of choice.


I like the idea we want to do something similar

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What is your idea @nadim ?

We rolling out a charity block chain project which will be democratic, community will vote to decide which projects they think will be most relevant. We were initially looking to launch on enumivo (eos clone) but I’ve always been excited about DAG technology

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Nice! I just joined your TG. I am a huge fan of non-profits using blockchain for transparency. Check out my Medium post on it.

It’s great, must be good for small group of crowd