My referrals are gone!


I was referring 7 guys before and yesterday when i went to the website it said I have referred 7 guys successfully and i could see their emails , but today when i go to the site again it says i have only referred 1 guy?!
what happened to my referrals and my referral points?
hope to have it solved.


Hey @cryptobull, thanks for notifying us. We’ll look into this.


Hi @cryptobull, quick update, you should now be able to see your points correctly. Please note our referral policy here: Orion Account Registration and Referrals
You should now see 400 points in total because you were referred by another user. Cheers!


Hey @shreyas
Thanks for answering , I got a website and i was introduced this website to get some referrals , I never abused in any of my referrals account as you have seen for sure , but I would rather to see the number of my referrals so that i get a feedback , does the number of points changes if i get new referral?


Of course! It will be updated as you refer more people :slight_smile: