On the categories of the Discord server


For the time being, I’m not sure if “Feature Request” is broad enuogh when “Site Feedback” exists as well.

For general feedback, here are some thoughts on the Discord channels and I’m interested to hear your opinions in return. I’ve posted some ideas there some days ago and some of them have been realized already. What was on my list as well is that #scalability and #consensus have too much of an overlap. Moreover, I think if the #youtube channel is mod only, then it’s probably okay to delete it. You’re not gonna produce videos en mass and when they come out, you can link to it in various outlets. Less channels is generally preferable, I’d say, as you don’t want to scroll channel bars on discord. And now, for example, the 4 Academic chennels are out of reach (you don’t see they light up when something is posted) as the social feeds sub-tab is 5 entries long.


Hi @Nikolaj-K,

I agree.

Yes! They were super helpful. And thanks to @puttersworth who combined all of this suggestions. Was super easy to through them and implement it. There’s also #suggestions on Discord.

Yes, I was thinking about this. I’ve created a #dev-general as of now, hoping that it should be the place for most generic discussions. We can tweak it and add or remove channels depending on user behaviour. Ultimately, channels just serve as organized places to have discussions about a specific topic.

Yeah, so the idea is that we pull up a feed where we can link to our own videos and also videos about Constellation by other YouTubers, like interviews etc.

I was thinking about this, as well. I had a feeling that it’s pretty long and can be overwhelming. But I thought that was just me as I’m fairly new to Discord. I’ll see what we can do on this.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, @Nikolaj-K! :heart: