On the visual identity of the youtube channel and its thumbnails



It might be boring work, but from a PR perspective, if you want the youtube videos to be watched they should not all have an indistinguishable pic. I like the Disrupt logo, but if those videos are linked or pop up in the crypto related sidebar, there’s no eye catcher or association even with blockchian.
Human faces, bright colors and the company logo might be a consideration.
There are indeed online tools e.g. to make video thumbnails like that.

(screenshot 1)

There’s actually youtube channels on how to make youtube channels - I’ve watched a few over the years. That’s like how there’s seminary on how to make google find your company in the google search engine. That goes from pacing videos, to setup, upload schedule and so on. But in any case, if somebody comes to the Constellation channel and there’s a wall where all 10 videos are potentially equal candidates, then the user has no option than look at the runtime of those and how many views they have, to make a choice to click. And you even cut off the titles in that view because thse are so long. And I’d say among those Disrupt clips there were a few interesting ones and a few fillers and you could guide the consumer.

This stuff below works:

(screenshot 2)

I’m not saying to be comical, but at least distinguishable, recognizable and giving off a hint what one might encounter once the video icon is clicked (say, whether it’s an interview or a stage talk, or a series of sides or animation, etc.).

Maybe for inspiration, with the code docs, the wiki, the github repo titles, resources as well as my influence on discord, I tired to go for a coherent iconography, see below

(screenshot 3)

(screenshot 4)

(screenshot 5)

(screenshot 6)

(screenshot 7)

And now I finally get to use the Orion {marketing tag} too.