Points are showing incorrect number


I’ve refered 2 friends, so when I go to Refer Friends tab, popup window opens and says that I’ve earned 125 points. But after I close it, in top right corner it shows me that I have 0 points.


Thank you so much for reporting this, @brion will take care of it :slight_smile:


Question about point.
1 point = 1 DAG?


@SeaInvestor we are working on a new display that will display conversion of points to DAG realtime. This will provide clarity to your question. Thanks so much for your questions. Keep them coming. :hugs:


@az1 We noticed this behavior as well. Our team is working on displaying real time results of points earned - without sporadic display issues. In the case your points do not display as expected. Let me know and I will address this immediately. :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep the feedback coming. Thanks again.


@brion I have brought 32 people to register to the platform so far. My total points have exceeded 1500, currently showing 1575 points. I assume this is an error, because I believe the max amount of points for bringing people to the platform is capped at 1500.

Also why are points sometimes showing as units of 25 instead of 50?


Much appreciated @steven. Let me take a look and see if I can resolve this matter. @giovaroma FYI.



Yeah, it is still showing 0 also after refreshing the page.


Hi Steven, we have added the issue you reported to our to fix list and will we will fix the issue. Thank you for reporting this issue. :smile:


Quick question Steven, the 1,575 points do you them within the pop up window or on the navigation bar next to the bell?


@giovaroma By now it has become 1750 points (35 people) and this is showing in the pop up window. The navigation bar currently is showing 300 points.




Thank you for providing the screenshot we will forward it to engineering.


Great work all. We really appreciate the feedback from the community to help provide a better experience. :sunglasses:

Truly grateful. :slightly_smiling_face:



Something changed. My 36 friends have now been reduced to 6. Does that mean that the 30 others didn’t register completely?


Hi Steven, we have asked an engineer to look into this. We will let you know what happen once we investigate and find the reason. Thank you for reporting this issue.


Awesome feedback @steven. I just saw @giovaroma’s message to the engineering team. We should have this sorted out quickly. :hugs:

Keep the feedback coming.



Hi Steven, that is correct now that the point system has been corrected. An engineer has checked the database and 6 users have only signed up of all the invites.




@giovaroma @brion It now seems to be showing correctly.


problema será resolvido o mais breve possível
agradecemos o fadback