Points are showing incorrect number


Thank you @steven keep the feedback coming. :grinning:


1 point = 1 DAG?
When can I change that?


@everson we are currently in development of a robust display of the conversion rate from point to DAG.
Keep the questions coming. :slightly_smiling_face:


@giovaroma @brion Something is up again with the points.

Via the ‘home’ and ‘refer friends’ pages it is showing 250 points for me while 6 friends have signed up, thus should be 300 points.

Via the ‘the community forum’ and ‘bounty rewards’ pages it shows 0 points.


Thanks @steven - We will look into this. Keep the feedback coming.


Small update:
It is now still showing 250 points on the ‘home’ and ‘refer friends’ pages. Not sure though why it is not showing 300 points due to the 6 friends that registered. It is showing 6 e-mail addresses in the ‘past invites’ tab of the ‘refer friends’ page.

On the ‘community forum’ and ‘bounty rewards’ pages the points have now disappeared. See screenshot below.


Hi Steven,

Thank you for informing us regarding this issue. We have solved the issue and will be updated soon on the live server. Please let us know if any other issues come up.



Whereas previously I had 6 e-mails addresses showing as people I had referred and signed up and 300 points, it now is showing “Nobody has signed up using your referral code.” and 250 points.