Post your Bounty Ideas here!



Hi all, if you have any ideas for bounties, please add them here! This can include developer, marketing, community, or other types of bounties that you feel would be valuable for the project or would just appreciate being able to participate in.

Bounties added here will be reviewed by the team and potentially selected and added to the Bounty Rewards section of the forum. Bounties are meant to reward successful participants—this could take form in Orion points (that can be exchanged for DAG), badges, or even physical items, like swag.

Add your thoughts or ideas here so we can check them out!

What can we do for the team?
Constructive criticism
Launch and operate an inaugural Constellation testnet node

For development

  • Fleshing out documentation of code, to the extent needed
  • Writing unit tests for all modules of code, to the extent needed
  • Benchmarkings and stress-tests of code
  • Security audits by scala hackers
  • Create support or even a dApp environment
  • Keeping wiki-type information up to date

Blogs and videos…

  • …elaborately describing use of software tools
  • …compactly outlining the community outlets of the project
  • …reflecting on the project structure, team and outlook of the project
  • …providing information summaries and insights of related and competing projects

and also

  • Designing wallpapers and artwork in line with the visual identity of the project

Some necessary points are more continuous efforts than concise tasks

  • Running support for tools like wallets and responding to other technical inquieries
  • Catching and reporting fraudulent messengers and scammers

Dedicated community moderators, for one incentive or another, come to mind as well.


@Nikolaj-K these are excellent contributions. Thank you for adding these!


Hi @ian44, here some ideas for social networking (for earning Orion points ?) :

  • Link and subscribe to reddit r/constellation/
  • Upvote r/constellation/ reddit post
  • Link and follow constellation twitter account
  • Like, reply or retweet constellation post


Thanks for the suggestions, Ben.