Question regarding the 'refer friends' points


When going to the ‘Refer Friends’ page, a pop-up appears with the amount of friends that have signed up and the resulting amount of points (50 points/friend signup).

This amount is not in line with the number of points mentioned on the top right next to the bell icon / profile pic.

Is there a delayed additional verification of these signups resulting in a difference between the two points balances?

For example, I have signed up 24 people giving me 1175 points on the pop up (I assume this will become 1200 points). However the top right point balance is only showing 250 points.

I assume I will not be the only one wondering, therefore it might be nice to have an answer here in the forum about it.

Thanks in advance.




@giovaroma did we get this behavior sorted out and address in another thread? @steven is looking for some feedback.


Hi Steven, we are aware of the issue and working on a solution. We will be updating the portal soon with the update that will fix the issue.


That is correct same issue.


Indeed, someone posted the same issue in site feedback, which was a better choice. Therefore I continued in his thread. This topic here is closed for me.