Questions from the whitepaper


One of our community members had some questions from our whitepaper. Cross-posting them here:

  1. What are these particular delegates that galaxies decide in star clusters?

  1. What are facilitators? Are they the equivalent of IOTA’s coordinator, ByteBall’s witnesses and Nano’s representatives?

  1. Do stars, not star clusters, get paid in tokens for using the network?

  1. How many facilitators can a galaxy choose? The chart suggests >20 in total starts to noticeably & adversely affect the throughput after a certain point. Have you tested it with say, 101?

  1. By relaxing the number of facilitators, do you mean increasing or decreasing them? It appears throughput is primarily dependent not on the number of nodes but the number of facilitators.

  1. Also, considering that to be a star cluster and/or galaxy, you need to have a certain amount of “good” reputation and the star clusters/galaxies are the nodes that actually do participate in consensus (and the facilitators?), the “source of truth” as the WP states, where do the initial galaxies that validate the first txs on the network come from? Constellation nodes? If so, for how long and/or is the time to move from star -> star cluster -> galaxy minimal?


cc @ryle @ratul @preston14


@shreyas thanks for posting. Team is hard at work. @Eng when you have time some time take a look. (@ratul do you have a moment?)


Thank you for curating the insightful questions, @shreyas!

We understand that our energetic community has a lot of questions from the current whitepaper and related content. Our @Eng team is working hard to give some of these areas a concrete structure in terms of real development (we can’t wait to show the testnet!) - hence some of these questions are out of scope to answer for this moment.

That is why we are bringing a more thorough update to the whitepaper aligned with the current development, scheduled to be released with the testnet. The code and the explanations will sing together!

Rest assured, we take the feedback from the community very seriously and will continue to clear any and all doubts.


Thank you @ratul. Looking forward to the future updates! :star_struck: