Refferals and points are gone



I notice, like some other users that my refferals and related points are completly gone. Can you check please.



Hi @hicham, I’ll check with the devs and get back to you.


Hi @hicham, we made an update Orion account registration and referrals. You can read about it here: Orion Account Registration and Referrals

The reason why you’re missing points is that those accounts have been flagged for suspicious activity. All of the accounts were made from the same IP. According to our recent update, the invited users must stake tokens under a community or developer plan to be awarded points.


How come my referrals don’t even show up regardless of not being awarded any points? I definitely referred my friends but whether or not they staked tokens is another story. I think we should at least be able to see our referred friends instead of seemingly having our legit referrals being deleted for some reason.


Hi @asdf00789, I understand your concern. But we’ve had instances where some of our community members have attempted to abuse the friend referral program by creating numerous fake accounts to earn more points exponentially. This is the reason why we implemented the staking policy for referrals.
More about this here:


How come we can’t see our past referrals even if they haven’t staked their tokens?
Also, how does one stake their tokens?


You can go to and upgrade your plan.