South East Asian Community (S.E.A)


Hey Fellow Constellationist/Constellationistas,
Setting this up for all S.E.A stakeholders to gather here for participation and fellowship. We can talk about what’s in, what’s not, what should be, what shouldn’t. No borders amongst us definitely, all are welcome. Love all - Serve all. Just a simple gathering of ideas, exchanges and healthy conversations…


Are you a moderator / builder of this category?
and is this place only for S.E.A community?
I’m learning about this place now.


Hey there :slight_smile:
This is unofficial group. I am not a moderator nor builder of this category. I’m the same as you, learning about this place and its community. On a journey of discovery.


Hello, wonderful people from south-east Asia! Here’s a neighbour saying hi. :wave:t2:

On a slightly related note, I might be visiting Malaysia in August. Would love to meet our community if anyone’s around.


Hello Shreyas,
Let me know if you are popping by Singapore! Happy to meet.


For sure, mate! Most likely in September. I’ll keep you posted. :slight_smile:


Philippines represent :wave:


kumusta - welcome to the SEA comm


What is it about Constellation that appeals to you?

For me, it is definitely the Horizontal Scalability, the Hylochain Architecture but above all, the richness in diversity and passion of the team behind the scene. Why? Because technology is best when it brings people together.

How about you? What resonates with you?
(see White Paper if you haven’t, we learn most from there) :wink::v:


Definitely the tech! It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen. :100: