Suggestion for hardware wallet support


Hey everyone! This is my first post on the portal :grin:

Accessing the portal through Metamask wallet worked flawlessly for me, but I would like to suggest hardware wallet integration as well. As trustworthy as Metamask is, I think many community members would feel safer to access the portal directly through their Ledger/Trezor/etc.


Yes, I was thinking the same when I logged in. I had to send some tokens from my Trezor to Metamask for it to work. Would much prefer it as you stated, but it’s okay with Metamask for smaller amounts I suppose.


Thank you David for your feedback. We will add your suggestion to our list of ideas to improve the tier registration experience. We will be working on improvements regarding this flow on our upcoming release of Orion.

We would love to hear from the community any other other suggestions.


Ledger nano s I have been impressed with alongside my ether wallet


Extra vote for Trezor


Even just a way for you to manually send the transaction into Orion would allow for Ledger/Trezor support through MyEtherWallet/Mycrypto. Might be easier to do just that.



I second the Ledger support proposal.

The address that I registered for the airdrop is controlled by my Ledger Nano S which effectively disqualifies it. I can’t ‘open’ it with Meta Mask and I can’t transfer DAG tokens to it.

My options are:

  • to wait for you guys to implement MEW / Ledger support
  • to wait for MetaMask guys to release a new version with Ledger support

Both options include waiting …

Or, can I somehow change the address I’ve registered with?



You CAN open it with Metamask now!!!