Summary of Constellation DAG


Constellation Summary
An unbounded blockchain. Imagine if every cell phone had a light weight node contributing bandwidth and resources to a network for an incentivized reward. This is what we mean by creating a horizontally scalable unbounded blockchain.

We leverage a type of technology called DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph). This has a checkpoint block system in its architecture. This is turn, lets us coin the term block graph, which are mobile compatible light weight nodes. This creates a distributed global mesh-net of devices.

Our vision, there are roughly 5 billion mobile phone connections. When you aggregate all of that together, using our protocol, you can (in theory) achieve, 30 billion transactions per second - as each device is providing resources and throughput to the network. On top of that, you layer in an incentivized elastic computing that is tokenized.

More info can be found in the video below


simplified explanation on how it works