Testnet designing question


Hey constellation team,

I’m interested to see what criteria and thought process went behind the testnet design. I am currently in charge of engineering out the testnet for a new blockchain startup project and am interested to see your thought process as you planned it. Was there a reason for the 3 node initial testnet from the video? How did you come to choose 10 nodes for the public testnet phase and then what are your plans with adding more to the mix. Thanks guys, you are… Stars! :smirk:


Hi @pantsme

Great question. Naturally, every technology will have its own requirements to determine the rationale for testnet approach or soft launch of a given technology/product. :grinning:

For us, we didn’t over think it. Example, 10 nodes for public testnet, we just needed a quick way to test out new development, changes, support multiple clusters (for different feature branches,) and we wanted to gradually scale up the performance tests after collecting more data – you might find other testnets start out pretty small for similar reasons.

But in the end, always think about your specific use case. And design your testnet path in that manner. We happened to take this path bc it made sense for us. I would suspect there are plenty other scenarios where a different path could be equally suitable.

Hope this helps. Keep the questions coming. :hugs:



It does! I will probably be pinging your way in month or so again though as I’m finalizing things just for a quick sanity check. Thank you.


My pleasure. Keep the questions coming.