Upgrade error developer plan


Hi i tried upgrading my account to a developers one followed the instructions and confirmed both metamask transactions

initial signing transaction

transfer transaction (1000 dag)

Please do the needful and upgrade my account


Hello Nadim, thank you for your feedback. We will have engineering investigate into this issue and get back to you.



Hello Nadim, the transaction failed on the blockchain. You can try and re-submit your transaction or increase your gas. We are investigating into this further.


you can see from the 2 transactions i provided that they both completed, when i then got notificatoin to complete it tried to do a third transaction with a ridiculously high gas limit 7 million+ which would not send till i reduced the gas limit

if i try to resubmit it gives error:

The Developer tier requires that you hold at least 1,000 DAG in your ETH wallet. We need to verify this information via MetaMask.

my wallet no longer has 1000dag as it has been transfered to 0xe3542A545a4aC889A4E80E86FF5518a535ffE4C9


Hey Nadim - Thanks for the follow up. We are working with our engineering and community teams to get an answer to you. Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:


Hi Nadim, I will have an engineer look into these transactions and get back to you. Thank you for your patience.


Thank you for sorting issue got an email saying deposit accepted and account upgraded


Same issue I have at the moment.


I have the same problem because the second transaction got dropped. I executed the transaction again, but haven’t received the developer status.


Hi there, same issue, reported it in Telegram channel, emailed support and now posting here (upon seeing it recommended to someone else that had the same issue).


Hello ,

We will have an engineer look into your transaction and get back to you. Thank you for your patience.


Thanks, looking forward to applying to run a node :slight_smile:


@nadim, @munkee, @lowfyr, and @astro wanted to give a special thank you for providing your feedback. Its really helpful when the community is vocal and helps provide guidance to the Constellation team. It does not go unappreciated. Thanks again, the team is hard at work here to help resolve these matters.


Good morning guys.

Software engineer here! :sunglasses:

I will follow up on all these pending issues.

@nadim I see that your account is already updated. How long did you take from this transaction:
To get your account upgraded?

@lowfyr By checking the upgrade logs, I can see that Orion detected the following transaction as an upgrade transaction.
Which as you mention, it got dropped. The system did not detect this new transaction and that’s why your account is not updated yet.
I can see that the gas price was too low (3gwei). I recommend you guys 50 GWEI to ensure a successful transfer.
However, checking your wallet transactions I can see that the successful transaction for 1,000 DAG still there.
So, I am going to manually upgrade your account.


@astro This is your approval transaction.
I found that transaction on our system but it shows as canceled. That means that it took longer than four hours to process on the network. I can see that the gas price for this transaction was 16 GWEI. I also recommend you submit transactions with 50 GWEI. But the DAG still staked; So I am going to manually upgrade your account.

@munkee I see that your account is already updated as a Developer but I can’t see any wallet/ transactions associated to your account. Just to double check; what’s the email related to your account? You can PM if don’t want to make it public.

Thank you all for your patience and for being part of Orion’s community.


Hey thanks – No recollection of changing the gas price but I must have. Thanks for looking into it and resolving the issue! Looking forward to this project!


Mail sent :+1: and added in transaction info.


Hi took like 2.5 days to get sorted