What can we do for the team?



I’ve sat reading a number of posts on Orion as well as reviewing the telegram group of not just this project but others. It struck me that a lot of the conversations end up being AMA against the teams, but the other way round we rarely see anywhere.

I thought it would be good to get some feedback from the team in here directly around what they want from the community, whether it be help in a particular area/topic at this moment etc. In essence, more of a what can we do for you as a community rather than us trying to dictate sometimes what we expect from the team.

Fire away!


Thanks a lot, @munkee!

That’s really nice of you! Currently, we’re gearing up for the test net and we’re really grateful for all the support we’ve received. We’ve had a lot of registrations and I’m sure @ian will have a tough time shortlisting people. As the testing continues, we’ll slowly roll out more ways in which the community can contribute, along with resources that can help them. This could be bounties or be providing user feedback on some of our early design prototypes, to even reviewing white papers. But for now, one of the things that we’re really looking for is active participation on Orion, and reporting bugs, if any. This helps us catch and fix things faster, and also open up Orion for the wider community.


I’ll also add here that we will be opening up bounties that not only just software-savvy developers can participate in, but community-based and marketing bounties that anyone with some passion for the project or spare time can participate in. There’s not an ETA on release of these yet but it would be awesome if you or anyone could contribute ideas of what could be valuable as bounties and we can add them to our shortlist.

Things involving social media, help moderating, awareness, designing dank DAG memes :stuck_out_tongue:, hosting meetups, etc.


In light of my above comment, I just added a thread here: Post your Bounty Ideas here!

Feel free to post any ideas you have there @munkee.


Not a problem! Would love to get involved in some of these areas. I’ve done user testing for SelfKey and Aventus recently and found it awesome to get involved seeing products being built out and offering feedback.

Keep up the great work!


Excellent will do now!