What do you like about Constellation Labs?


Let’s use this thread as a place where everyone can tell others what they like about Constellation Labs. I always like to hear other people’s opinions about projects and see their perspective on things. Gain some knowledge and also see something in a new light. So let’s hear it!

Me personally, I like the fact that the team is extremely transparent. I can go into their Telegram and get answers to anything I ask. They shared private information about their token sale as well recently and will be releasing a full audit shortly. I have asked some rough questions to Brendan and he has answered them honestly and publically which I appreciate. I think this is a fundamental trait that a lot of blockchain projects are missing. They claim to support decentralization but do not release the details to back up those claims. Oh ya, I also really like DAGs!


Support team great helped me quickly with my problem


Transparency of the team. Ever since the first AMA.


Blockquote Transparency of the team. Ever since the first AMA.

Very much this. I appreciate it as well. It’s very refreshing when there is so much cloak and dagger stuff going on in so many other projects.


Yep I like Brendan’s approach to this. He’s not afraid to discuss topics about how constellation is different to other projects but he also directly discusses the type of things that us investors think about other projects also. Not in a fud or attacking manner just fact and honesty. The comments around treasury management and eth Foundation through to the Eos shit show.

It’s encouraging to have people involved who clearly invested into the emerging market more then just money but also their own time and effort. I think Brendan mentioned he was into mining back in the day so bringing historical market perspective is a big bonus to the team. There’s lots of normie people getting involved right now bringing icos that don’t have that and ultimately get burned down


Also agree on the transparency. A lot of ICOs went down in flames over last few months, constellation was the first to actually response to the collective community concern. Absolute bangup job.

Beyond that it’s the tech. I’ve been very bullish on dags since I watched Iota blow up while being a complete pile of trash. I’m heavily invested in a lot of other promising dag projects but this is by far my favorite. I’m not a math genius so maybe I’m easily impressed but Wyatt’s videos get me hyped and I don’t see a lot of other projects going in depth to the details behind their platform like that. I’d like to see a sort of “for dummies” breakdown at some point. I’d volunteer to do it myself but I’m in the dummy category unfortunately.


Hey if you’re interested in DAGs, check out this other DAG project that I am currently involved in. It’s called Helios Protocol and they’re building a DAG that uses the EVM (heavily modified). I don’t want to shill too hard on these forums but the project is completely self funded, no ICO, and will distribute all their coins to DApp devs, airdrops and bounty recipients. It’s pretty neat.


I like most the 2 founders, Brendan and Wyatt. There is something special about them, like some good, strong energy. I always like this kind of leaders if I am investing in project. Moreover I very like the tech behind Constellation. I very like how they are solving scalability and governance issues with DAG and Proof of meme. Then I very like what steps they are taking. For example this portal is very nice idea or even more the easy explanational videos about the Constellation. Or the parallel way of building the architacture and already dealing with businesses to later port their application to Constellation. So I think they have very good chance of making success. What I don’t like that you guys seems that you don’t have clear strong vision. In one of the interviews Brendan was asked this question, but he was talking more general that Energy seems good, also IoT etc. For example when you say IOTA its clear their vision. I lack this about Constellation.